Cobra King F6 Irons Review

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If you are on the hunt for an all-round set of irons that is going to give you optimal performance, maximum distance, unrivaled playability, and forgiveness, then you might want to continue reading Cobra King F6 irons review and have a closer look at the clubs. Billed by Cobra as the ultimate progressive set, the new King F6 irons are surely something and a force to reckon with.

Cobra King F6 Irons Review

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The Idea Behind the Construction

Progressive is simply a fancy way of saying that construction and technology change through the set, and it ensures that the iron you are using is best for the job in hand. Simple right? Well, putting the different technologies in different irons is not difficult, but ensuring that they fit in all the irons without affecting the flow of the set is the challenging bit. Hats off to the Cobra R&D team for managing to do this seamlessly.

The King F6 irons feature 4 different types of irons (more on this later) as you go down the set. This system is called TECFLO (technology enhanced cavity feel launch optimization), quite a mouthful, and it is bound to improve the performance and feel. Despite these irons being game improvers, they will definitely appeal to purists and elite players thanks to their versatility and incredible looks.

A more in-depth analysis shows how great these irons are and why we think everyone should own a set or at the very least try them out.


The Cobra King F6 pack a punch technologically, which increases their versatility.

In golf, no iron should play like the other. The long irons should be forgiving and deliver maximum distance while the short irons and wedges should be more playable. These different requirements in the different classes of irons call for different technologies behind the irons and at this, Cobra has excelled.

As stated Earlier, the King F6 irons have 4 different irons through the set. The long irons which are full hollow irons, mid irons which feature a half hollow design with perimeter weighting, short irons with a normal cavity back design, and wedges which feature a low muscle back design.

  1. ​Long Irons – The F6 long i.e. 3-5 irons are made of 17-4 stainless steel. This material is strong enough allowing for a full hollow iron with an enclosed cavity. The irons also feature heel and toe weighting design to increase forgiveness ensuring that mishits fly down the intended path.
  2. ​Mid Irons – These feature a half hollow cavity design, are lighter to swing, and have the best feel of the four head styles. They also have perimeter weighting thus enlarging the sweet spot for more forgiveness.
  3. ​Short Irons – i.e. from the 8 iron is where these irons become full open cavity backs. The forgiveness is still good, but they are not as lively as the mid irons.
  4. Specialty Wedge – Thanks to public demand, Cobra incorporated a playable wedge. These irons are full muscle backs, with low CG. They are a result of feedback from golfers who needed wedges to be more versatile and playable.

With the King F6, Cobra has been able to save 10 grams from high up on the hitting area and move it low on the face from the 3 iron to the pitching wedge. This lowers the Center of Gravity (CG) making it easy to launch, improves the feel, and performance. However, they have raised the CG on the specialty wedge so as to provide a more penetrating flight.


Another point of interest is the grooves. As you go down the set, the irons feature different grooves.

The long irons have V-grooves that reduce spin slightly and improve distance, the mid irons feature U-grooves which optimize spin for a remarkable combination of distance and control, while the wedges have special wedge grooves for maximum control.

Speed Channel

The King F6 irons also feature a generous sole with a speed channel behind the leading edge and around the perimeter of the upper back cavity. It creates more flex at impact, creating more ball speeds, and as a result more distance.

In terms of technology, Cobra King F6 irons are unrivaled. Their combination of playability and forgiveness on the set is incredible with the only downside being the feedback and sound (more on this later).

Sound and Feel

In recent years, it seems that most game improver irons are out to improve the sound and feel. However, this seems to be a bit difficult as the best sound game improvers have achieved is a displeasing metallic sound.

With the King F6 irons being cavity backs and all, we were expecting the same sound but were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. However, despite it being different, the sound is not much to write home about.

Cobra King F6 Irons Review

The long irons have this hollow sound thanks to the large cavity back, while the mid irons have a pleasant zip sound which happens to be the best in the entire set. Moving down to the short irons, they are slightly louder than the mid irons. The wedges come second on sound to the mid irons thanks to their muscle-back design.

As for feel, most game improvers have the same feel where shots feel perfect even on mishits. Cobra King F6 have done one better as these irons will inform you of the quality of your shots more so with the specialty wedges.

However, the feel is still not at the acceptable levels with the long to mid irons. The long irons have this muted feel, with mid irons having the best feeling in the entire set. At impact, you can almost feel the speed off the face. Yes, it’s that good. The short irons have a marginally firmer feel with the specialty wedges having this incredible feeling.

The major challenge with a progressive set is how to fit the different irons seamlessly. Despite Cobra achieving this aesthetically, the feel and sound are off as they are different with each head.

Build and Looks

Just like most other companies, Cobra has made its game improver irons less bulky. However, you will not be confusing these irons for blades as they have still retained their game improver look. A bit of offset and a thick top line. Other than that, they look much like a moderate cavity back which is no mean feat.

The King F6 also have a white bottom groove that helps in face-ball alignment while the smoke nickel finish gives these irons a very nice premium look.


Briefly put, the Cobra King F6 are irons with great versatility i.e. forgiveness and playability on the same set thanks to their progressive design.

The long irons (did I tell you these are a cross between hybrids and game improvers? Well, now you know) will fly down the intended path even on mishits with very minimal loss of distance.

These irons are stable, obey commands, and will effectively lift you out of trouble; and who doesn’t want that? They have some considerable distance though they are not the longest irons on the market. They are consistent, easy and accurate, and land soft on the green.

The performance is just remarkable, and these are the perfect irons for someone seeking the perfect combination of forgiveness and workability.



  • ​Playability – these irons obey commands and more so the specialty wedges. Designed as muscle backs, these irons give you more control. Watch out though for they can be quite punishing
  • ​Looks – being game improvers, these are amazing to look at as they are not bulky. They have this better player iron vibe
  • ​Consistency – distance wise, you will be hitting the same yardage with just a few yards difference
  • ​Easy to hit – the bottom groove is painted white making it pretty darn easy to align
  • The ball is pretty fast off the face
  • At address, the iron isn’t too large and sits square
  • The grooves are quite aggressive and versatile



  • ​Sound – this happens to be the major let down as it does not flow smoothly through the set
  • ​Feel also requires some improvements and mostly on the long and short irons. Feel on mid irons and specialty wedges is just perfect
  • ​Pundits think these irons are a little thick over the ball, with the graphite shaft being too light
  • Two tone appearance comes off as a little less serious

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Final Verdict

All in all, the Cobra King F6 are some pretty interesting clubs and despite Cobra being known for better player irons, this is a remarkable set of game improvers. Cobras approach in the production of these irons was to answer the question of what should each iron do? And the response to this question was nothing else if not perfect.

Their long irons are accurate, easy to hit, have great carry distance, and are quite consistent and this is exactly what long irons are meant to do. The short irons provide a compromise between forgiveness and workability so as to get out of tight lies with the specialty wedges providing lots of control. On a scale of five, these are a 4.4. Go out there and try them and may the fore be with you!

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