Cobra S2 Irons Review

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Cobra is a name well known for bringing in game enhancing clubs. The company launched its series of S2 irons in year 2009 which proved to be an equally promising set of clubs out at the greens. Designed with some really striking cosmetics, the irons offer extra distance and added forgiveness. These are being termed as an all-rounder performer by Cobra, capable of attracting every golfer with a confidence inspiring profile. Continue reading this Cobra S2 irons review to find out more about the clubs.

Cobra S2 Irons Review

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Specifications and Technology

The Cobra S2 irons come in a wide loft angle range from 19 to 60 degrees and lie angle ranging from 61 to 64.5 degrees. The club length ranges from 35 to 39 inches with a choice of graphite and steel shafts.

Multi-Material Design

These irons follow a multi-material design where the clubhead is 431 stainless steel body featuring modified lightweight polymer topline, an expanded urethane sole insert, and toe insert lowering the Center of Gravity (CG). Weight distribution is more in low heel and toe which increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI). An aluminum back plate dampens the effect of vibrations upon missing a strike.

The shafts come in choices of steel and graphite i.e., Cobra/Aldila DVS-2 graphite and Nippon NS Pro 1030H steel contributing towards better control and accuracy.

Added Distance and Forgiveness

The S2 irons are a high performing set of clubs with Cobra’s innate game enhancing technology. A big plus is the accuracy and distance they carry the golf ball up to, which on occasion is about 20 yards more than some other irons. The steel head increases forgiveness whether hitting from fairway or the rough.

Ball flight on impact was observed to follow a consistently lower trajectory than normal, even in shorter irons. But even then getting necessary spin to stop the ball upon landing, still comes easy. Also even with an added forgiveness, shaping the golf ball doesn’t need much effort.

Mid Width Stepped Slope

These irons feature an exclusive mid width sole design which enhances the overall performance by combining the playability and turf interaction of a narrow sole iron and forgiveness of a wide sole iron. The stepped design also offers a great deal of versatility.

Optimized Heel/Toe Weighting

The cavity back design of the S2 irons combined with their steel face produce a larger sweet spot by creating 9 points across the clubface. This 9 point face technology increases accuracy. Weight distribution in the irons is such that the lightweight polymers used push the weight into the heel and toe for the purpose of maximizing MOI to have better forgiveness.

Look and Feel

The irons have got a noticeably tempting design. Light in weight they provide an overall nice and easy feel to hold.

To mention on the downside, the clubs have been observed to show a fast wear and tear. According to some reviews, dampened feel during the swing can be too muted, the feedback at times is not enough, and some struggle is required due to the head size and a bulkier profile.

Cobra S2 User Reviews

Most of the S2 iron users have maintained a positive response.

The clubs have been found best fit for mid handicappers. Users have reported the clubs to have a huge sweet spot, high penetrating launch even at lower loft angles, and an unmatched confidence even at narrow course and elevation changes.

The irons can easily ‘’slide through rough and glide through turf’’ as put by a user. Users have extensively appreciated the great deal of distance being offered at impact by the irons and enough spin to stop the ball even at lower trajectories, along with the look and feel.

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Concluding Remarks

The Cobra S2 irons have a performance which cannot be overlooked. Greater yardage, improved accuracy, and added forgiveness are the key elements which appeal golfers of different abilities and skill level and working in unison – these features bring out the real game changing clubs at the greens.

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