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Back in 2004, TaylorMade ushered in the era of the weight-adjustable driver. The R7 Quad allowed remedial strike dynamics by offering golfers a means to tinker with the way their club behaved on impact. This created a revolution in the way a player could influence the conduct of their stroke. Fast forward thirteen years later and most club manufacturers have embraced and evolved that shot-shaping technology to produce some pretty impressive kit. Enter the Mizuno JPX 900 driver. Dive down deep into the features of of the club with us in this Mizuno JPX 900 driver review!

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The Driver’s Got Game

Now, Mizuno is not particularly famous for their driver range but this latest offering is quite something. It’s the zooty new kid on the block, and it preens with a stunning, powdered royal-blue head and incandescent, fiery-coloured shaft - a combination probably more at home on a hot rod. Standing out a mile amongst it’s more sensibly hued peers, this club demands attention. Many players who thought of them purely as manufacturers of great irons are starting to realize the quality of their drivers.

Turn it on its head and you’re presented with a bewildering array of adjustment options as exciting and busy as it’s livery. But find the perfect weight arrangement to fine tune your play and this bird will run far and fast, and look sensational whilst doing so.

Key Technologies

The JPX900 uses a central Fast Track rail to allow two eight gram weights to be limitlessly transferred back and forth to influence spin and launch settings, generating a huge number of permutations to allow you to perfectly customise your shot. Lateral movement on the rails is marked by positions 1 through 4, although these calibrations are provided merely for guidance as fractional shifting to any position between the numbers is possible.

Heel and toe slots further expand the draw and fade parameters. The JPX 900’s predecessor, the JPX 850 driver, featured the same Fast Track technology but on this new model the central track is longer and the heel and toe ports are further apart giving an increased range of CG and MOI choice.

Quick Switch Adapter

The Quick Switch Adapter allows adjustment of the standard 9.5-degree loft by 2 degrees either way through the hosel. If, once you’ve adjusted your loft setting, you don’t fancy the look of the face, you can use the Visual Face Angle Adjuster (VFA), a weighted silver plate which sits in its own rail and allows for the angle of the club face to be tuned to either an Open, Closed, or Neutral attitude at address.


The lighter, multi-thickness CORTECH face provides a larger sweet spot than some competitors to provide more forgiveness should you not quite contact the optimum strike-point. The strengthened face also provides increased ball speeds and drive distances that Mizuno claims yields nothing to its rivals.

Harmonic Impact Technology

To create a more meaningful connection between the player and club, Mizuno has introduced Harmonic Impact Technology to the JPX 900. By using ribbed structures within the construction of the head, clear and precise sonic feedback is achieved no matter where the sole-weights are positioned or where the ball is struck.

Mizuno JPX 900 Driver


The JPX 900 comes with Fujikura’s low-launch, low-spin Speeder Evolution II shaft. These lightweight shafts provide maximum stability and are offered in the 661X, 569R, and slightly heavier and firmer 569S models. It is available in regular or stiff, depending on your preference and swing speed.


This driver, in a word, is stunning. The muted, matte blue crest and flaming stock appears bold and sophisticated and seems to positively twitch with energy.

Flip it upside down though and it presents an intricate and aggressive picture, looking very much like some kind of Transformer. The intricacy of the JPX 900’s sole may put some off but there’s no doubting the intent of the design; this club means business.

At address, the big 440cc head looks larger than you would expect and offers a comforting blue dollop behind the ball; Mizuno has changed the club's profile to be a wider and longer though shallower iteration of its predecessor. Contrasting white edging frames the crown with the Runbird motif providing the centre of face indicator.

While most people were taken by the looks, some might not be enamoured by the colouring and graphics and there are those who find the adjustment mechanisms make it look too industrial.

Feel and Sound

Mizuno has gone to great lengths to harmonise the acoustics of this driver, even incorporating internal tuning forks to provide a substantial and powerful report – somewhere between a solid pop and the clink of a china tea cup settling into a saucer. The vast majority of feedback from users was positive and they enjoy the sound of the JPX 900.

This engineering allows consistency in sonic feedback regardless of where the ball meets the face, something that other manufacturers of adjustable clubs should perhaps take note of.

Lesser shots still get a lot of support from this club but strike it just right and the JPX 900 is a big hitter.

The pronounced rounded bottom of the head provides a subtle trampolining effect that raises the COR, resulting in higher ball speed and distance. The big 440cc head feels beefy on contact and soaks up miss-hits yet still manages to deliver clear sensory feedback.


Mizuno set out to create a club that would be more forgiving and catapult the ball further regardless of shot integrity and they’ve achieved this. As with all weight-adjustable drivers, there’s the rather subjective matter of finding the perfect combination.

There is definite variance in the trajectory of shots according to the weight placement but once the optimum settings have been dialed in, this driver delivers some straight and impressive carry distances. The best positioning for the weights seems to be in the heel and toe ports which not only reduces ball spin but also stabilises the torque effect on the face in the event of a miss-hit.

It should be pointed out that while this club won’t fix any faults you may have in your swing, it will give you a lot more leeway with and the driver will provide the positive shot-shaping assistance you’re looking for.

As always with a highly adjustable driver a professional fitter will save you time and help you determine the perfect combination of settings. The alternative is to spend time at the driving range experimenting to work this out for yourself. It is important that you don one or the other to unlock the full potential of the driver and get the most out of it.


  • thumbs-o-up
    Huge number of shot shaping options
  • thumbs-o-up
    Killer looks
  • thumbs-o-up
    Impressive line and carry distances


  • thumbs-o-down
    Copious adjustability may deter some recreational golfers
  • thumbs-o-down
    Hefty price tag
  • thumbs-o-down
    Sheer number of permutations may tempt constant adjustments

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Final Thoughts

The JPX 900 is a game improver that will appeal a broad spectrum of golfers, particularly those with a passion for tinkering. The aesthetics of this driver are unsurpassed, it looks and feels like something special and Mizuno took their cues from the pros when designing it so it oozes quality. However, it is a complex piece of equipment and that may play slightly against its favour.

Then there is the price tag, this represents a substantial investment that might be unpalatable to some when discounted last-season clubs might seem more attractive as an option. Nevertheless, the Mizuno JPX 900 remains the most adjustable driver on the market today and a premium addition to any golf bag.

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