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Srixon has been killing it on the PGA for a while now and when you look at a driver like the Z 765, you can understand why. They are making top drivers for top players. In this Srixon Z 765 driver review, we’ll uncover all the glory features of the club and present to you the reason why it’s a top notch club. Continue reading to find out more!

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Brave Design

While most manufacturers shy away from any head under 460cc theses days, for fear of sacrificing a little bit of forgiveness, Srixon has bravely seen the benefits and thankfully produced a 440cc driver that will give you powerful ball fight. Combined with the Miyazaki Kaula shaft, a stronger player with a good swing will get everything they want out of the Z 765, and then some.

If you are still working your way down to a single digit handicap and need the reassurance of the maximum head size, the Srixon Z 565 would probably be the more prudent choice. The Z 765 will launch the ball lower and with less spin and is designed for faster swingers with good consistency.


Before we get into the performance and other aspects of this driver, it is important to understand the combination of technologies that have been employed.

Srixon have used what they refer to as the “Ripple Effect” with the Z 765. What they mean by this is the combination of three complimentary technologies that result in greater performance.

Lightweight Crown

The first thing they did was remove around 4 grams from the crown. This was then redeployed to lower the center of gravity while at the same time, improving the MOI. The resultant reduction in spin will be noticed and welcomed by the stronger swingers at which this driver is aimed.

Power Wave Sole

Next they used what they call an advanced multi-step design meaning that the entire sole is able to flex which improves COR. This will lead to better results on strikes low on the face as well as shots slightly left or right of center. Due to the Power Wave Sole, Srixon have done away with moveable sole weights on earlier models.

Stretch Flex Cup Face

This is a technology seen on a number of drivers. By extending the face and stretching it around the sole and crown, you end up with a larger sweet spot and greater ball speeds off mishits. This is because there is more flex at the outer edges of the clubface than without this technology.

Srixon have placed the emphasis on the synergy created by the combination of these individual technologies. None of them are earth shattering on their own but together they make for great performance for faster, more accurate hitters while still providing a good deal of forgiveness.

Srixon Z 765 Driver

Your Options

You have a choice between the 9.5° or 10.5° head. The 9.5° is only recommended if you have a swing speed in excess of 100mph. The Z 765 has an adjustable hosel that will let you increase the loft by 1° or 2° in either an open (OP) or closed (CL) setting. You can also adjust the lie up (UR) by 1° or 2° as well.


A lot of the credit for this driver’s performance must go to the brilliant Miyazaki Kaula graphite shaft. As the Z 765 is designed for faster swingers, they will appreciate the benefits of the firmer, slightly heavier shaft.

Through the “QTS” Tuning Weights, you can adjust the swing weight from the standard 9g down to 3g or up to 15g. The other aspect of the “QTS” adjustability design is an adjustable adapter as seen on earlier models. Although it gives you numerous options, you need to know what you are doing in this regard. It is something you will have to experiment with to fine tune it perfectly for your swing.


Appearance wise, the Z 765 has a classic, understated look. The smaller size and classic shape gives it a sleek and sophisticated look that means business.

From above it is a high gloss metallic black and the underside is subtle but appealing combination of black and chrome. The orange tint on the Miyazaki shaft adds a bit of flash and most people are taken by the quality vintage type headcover which adds a touch of class.


The Z 765 sounds like a larger driver with a powerful, traditional metallic sound that is not weak and tinny without being overbearing.


The smaller head and stiffer shaft result in plenty of feedback from the face. The type of players the driver is aimed at will appreciate this feedback, knowing instantly exactly where they struck the ball.


When struck correctly and with sufficient speed, you will achieve a penetrating shot with a low launch and minimal spin that will travel straight and far. Minor mishits should not have a major impact but the smaller head will be noticeably less forgiving than a maximum sized head.

The smaller head makes it easier for the more skilled golfers to play a fade when desired and it is great for strong players during windy conditions.


  • thumbs-o-up
    Good distance and accuracy for strong players
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easier to manipulate or shape shots when required


  • thumbs-o-down
    Suitable only for experienced golfers with good constancy and a high swing speed
  • thumbs-o-down
    Can be challenging to draw the ball
  • thumbs-o-down
    Minimal adjustability

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Final Thoughts

The Srixon Z 765 is undeniably and unapologetically made for the more confident, consistent, and faster swinging player. If you fit this description, you will appreciate the design and features and the performance this driver offers.

The low spin and the ability to play more strategically will appeal to those with the necessary skills. If you are prepared to sacrifice some forgiveness for these benefits, the Z 765 will perform superbly with the right swing.

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