Best Clone Golf Clubs Review

Talk about clone golf clubs and you are likely to see a few people turn up their noses. It is quite a contentious issue and many people, particularly the more seasoned golfers, have an extremely poor perception of clone clubs. They believe them to be poorly made, inferior cheap knockoffs. Others are more open to the idea and many golfers happily play with clone clubs and swear by them. That’s why we thought we’d put together this best clone golf clubs review to show the haters that clone clubs can also be a thing of beauty.

Know the Difference

There is an important distinction to be made. Clone clubs are not illegal or counterfeit clubs. There certainly are a number of counterfeit clubs available that are generally cheap and nasty. These should be avoided like a $15 Rolex. They are illegal, poorly made from cheap materials, and not worth considering at any cost.

Clone golf clubs, on the other hand, are a different story. A number of reputable companies make high-quality, well-crafted clone clubs using quality materials. They cost a fraction of the cost of the originals and the performance, sound, and feel often come very close to that of the brand names they are cloning. Proper clone clubs do not infringe on any patents or copyright laws but they do borrow technology and features used by the bigger names.

This concept is not unique to golf and is certainly not a new idea. It happens in all industries from computer manufacturers to automakers. They study the popular brands and incorporate their technology, design ideas, and features into their product.

As with any product, you get the good and the bad. This means that there are good clones on the market and there are others that are not so great. In this article, we will tell you about a few of the more reputable clone options available from companies that make quality clubs that will cost a lot less than the brand names. A number of clone manufacturers went on to become mainstream brands and many of them make a number of components for the big guys.

If money is no object, great, go for your favorite big brand and enjoy. For those who are starting out in golf or are on a tight budget, a decent clone offers a cost-effective alternative to the big names. Golf is not a cheap sport and it does not end with the clubs. If you do not want to spend a fortune and do a bit of homework, you can pick up a decent set of clone clubs for a much better price than the more established brands.

If status is a big issue to you, you might not feel comfortable with a set of clones so shop around for a better-known brand.


One big advantage of clone clubs is that they are very big on customization. While the big brands are strongly recommending professional fitting these days, the good clone makers have always been willing to build almost every aspect of the clubs to your specific requirements. They also cater to golfers with specific needs or requirements that might fall outside of the scope of the larger brands.

Why Are Clones Cheaper?

Clones are significantly cheaper a number of reasons. The single biggest factor is marketing. The top brand names invest a huge amount of money every year on advertising, sponsorships, and endorsements. They also use expensive branding consultants and graphic designers amongst other costly consultants. The golf equipment market is highly competitive and these guys spend an astronomical amount of money to attract new customers or keep their existing customers loyal. Again, the same is true in many other industries.

They also have massive overheads in comparison to the clone companies. The clone companies are generally lean and mean without grandiose offices and teams of staff. Legal fees, intellectual property, and trademark protection also accounts for a large part of their expenses.

In their quest to constantly innovate and improve, golf equipment manufacturers spend a considerable amount of money on research and development. This is where the clone companies benefit as, without infringing on copyright or trademark rules, they “borrow” from these expensive design ideas. While this might sound somewhat unethical, the big guys do the exact same thing to each other. Again, this happens in most other industries and is nothing new.

What Are the Best Clone Golf Clubs on the Market?

This is a difficult question to answer in great detail as the clone makers do not get the same exposure and interest as the more expensive clubs we see used on the pro circuit. As a result, not as many proper reviews on the various clubs can be found. There are a number of online forums where people who have used them give their opinions and feedback. The other way is to chat to fellow golfers you come across with clone clubs and get direct feedback from them.

Three main companies offer quality clone golf clubs at a decent price. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Pinemeadow Golf

Pinemeadow Golf Pinemeadow Wedge

Arguably the biggest clone golf club company, Pinemeadow was established in 1985. This alone tells you they must be doing something right as if their products were poor quality, they would never have lasted this long. They sell online which means their overheads are extremely low but they have some experienced guys on their team that have worked with big brands and brought their skills and experience along with them.

They have established a reputation for quality affordable clubs and offer the full range from drivers to irons, putters, wedges, hybrids, and so on. They also offer full sets and accessories. They offer custom fitting and put a huge amount of effort into ensuring you get the right club for your needs. Their after sales service is excellent.

Under the Pinemeadow umbrella, they offer a range of brands with a range of unique features and benefits just as you find with the big names.



With 15 years in the business, GigaGolf has also proved themselves in the clone club market. They are also big on customization and fitting and offer great advice and after sales service. A great testament to their confidence in their products is their 30 Day Play Guarantee. This means you can use your selected clubs for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund. This even applies to clubs that have been specifically tailored to your requirements.

That should be enough to give you peace of mind if you are having doubts about the quality of their products. They offer the full range of golf clubs including ladies clubs, left-handed clubs, and accessories.

Diamond Tour Golf

Diamond Tour Golf

Diamond Tour are another large clone golf club manufacturer and offer a full range of clones, covering clubs with features in line with all the top brands. They also cater to female and junior golfers.

They focus on providing exceptional service and also offer a 30 Day Playability Guarantee whereby you will receive a 75% credit or refund on clubs that have been used or 90% on unused clubs. They sell an extensive range of clones to suit a wide range of golfers.


Those are the main three clone golf club manufacturers, but a number of other clone golf equipment manufacturers make quality clubs at affordable prices.

There is a definite market for these clubs and so long as you stay away from the knockoffs and the cheap and nasty clubs, you can find some really great clones that will play remarkably close to the originals. They might not appeal to everyone but don’t dismiss them out of hand. If you are an absolute beginner or don’t have a fortune to spend on expensive top brands, consider clone clubs as an alternative.

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