Best Golf Blogs: 19 Golf Blogs That Have You Covered

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do you occasionally enjoy current news, equipment reviews, and tips related to the sport? If the answer is yes, then it goes without saying that you’ve been frustrated time and time again looking for blogs that can give you exactly what you are looking for. You have at one time clicked on a blog link that promised you quality feed, but you somehow ended up on a video featuring an angry orange pissing off happy fruits. All you wanted was a review on the latest golf equipment and now you are angrier than the angry orange and you can’t even recall what it is exactly you were looking for. How do I know this? It has happened to me a lot, so much even that I sought to compile a list of 17 of the best golf blogs out there. Not to say that there aren’t others, but these ones were good enough to get on our radar.

The Real Deal

With this list you will get current updates and most importantly, you will no longer waste time following links that lead you nowhere. Let’s check them out!

1. Hitting the Green

It is impossible not to start with this one as Rob Green, the author, is a tutor and an enthusiast with over 40 years’ experience. I want to stop here and let that statement sink in, but there is more. His articles have been featured on golf channel, CBS, and Bleacher report, which should be enough proof that you will be getting some great advice on his site.

Reading his blog is like taking online classes from a grandmaster, best part being you won’t spend a cent. This blog is best known for golf guides for beginners, tips, and videos that help you improve your game to a whole new level. They are always posting new articles so you will never lack something new to read.

2. Golf Channel

Golf Channel

The name betrays it. It’s not only a blog, but the only worldwide channel dedicated to the game 24/7. It is like Disneyland for golf enthusiasts. It gets better. It’s a part of NBC sports group! You should expect to find current updates relating to golf, information on all major tours, and of course video tips to help with your game. They update about 42 posts per week which should be more than enough.

3. Golf Girl’s Diary

Golf Girl’s Diary

Golf is considered to be a male dominated sport so few people take the time to explain the game from a woman’s point of view. Patricia Hannigan, the golf girl, built her blog from humble beginnings to now being one of the most popular golf blog around. Let’s face it, women not only enjoy the game, but also want to look fabulous while at it. If you are looking for the latest fashion trends in golf then you need not look further. Despite the name, the blog has a lot of information that male golfers could also enjoy, and besides, who says men don’t want to look good too? They put up posts twice every month.


The name says it all. Anything you need to know about golf is already there, but it’s mostly known for instructions and videos to make your game a whole lot better. Of course, there is more to the blog than just tips like great analysis and reviews, but the instructions are the best part and the interesting articles they post every day. Definitely worth checking out.

5. Golf Dash Blog

This one had to appear in the top five for the latest news in golf. Created by Doug and Josh, its main aim is to help you up your game. Unlike other blogs, this one goes a step further and features podcasts so you can also listen to the news on the go. How cool is that? You can listen to golf news as you water your garden before going back to the amazing articles that they avail to you every day. They also have free eBooks and a newsletter so that you can milk all you can from the site. An amazing site if you ask me.

6. Sir Shanks A Lot

Sir Shanks A Lot

Yes, we found it. An awesome blog with a pretty cool name. I know you’re still hung up on the name, but snap out of it because this blog has the most informative golf product reviews and training drills that you’ll ever find, and all this put out in a very simple format that makes information easily accessible. Now you won’t get confused by the complex magazine format that most sites use and you can enjoy the great articles that are always popping up on the site. Thank you sir shanks a lot!

7. Golf for Beginners

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When most people begin golfing, few sites offer them guidance as they always seem to offer tips to those who already understand the game. This is probably the most frustrating time for a golfer who can’t seem to find sites that will answer their questions. Golf for beginners, as the name suggests, is the best site if you are just starting out. They write about everything, from swings to product reviews and you never run out of articles to read since they update posts 4 times a month.

8. The Hackers Paradise

Most people think golf is all about swinging the club, but this site seeks to prove that there is more to the game than just that. They not only focus on the lifestyle of a blogger, but also cover product reviews and contests. The best part about this site is that it has a forum where golfers can share ideas from all over the world. You think you know everything till a golfer from Venezuela gives you a tip that might just rock your world.

9. Wei Under Par

Wei Under Par

Not unless you have been living under a rock then you have probably heard of the golf writer and broadcaster Stephanie Wei. Known for her unique insights into the game, she provides information ranging from current news to the latest fashion. She also provides golf polls and gives you a chance to chat with her on instagram and twitter.

10. American Golf

American Golf

Owned by a huge company that owns and has operated golf courses for over 40 years, they provide golf course and equipment reviews, news, and even golf movies. As the name implies, they write about awesome courses in America and what’s unique about each course. All this is availed in four blog posts a month.

11. How to Break 80

How to Break 80

Despite the owner, Jack Moorehouse, not being a professional golfer, he aims to make you one of the few that break 80. He provides tips, newsletters, and videos that makes the learning process easier. It has the vibe of an online golfing school that you can take part time classes.

12. Armchair Golf Blog

Armchair Golf Blog

Created by Neil Sagebiel, this site does not discriminate beginners. It provides information that accommodates every golfer and better yet, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your armchair.  A lot of golfers contribute to the site so you’ll always be updated on the latest golf news and posts are put up thrice a week to keep you informed.

13. Golf Stinks

Golf Stinks

We could all use a hilarious point of view on the game. Greg, Pete, Tom, and Chris are of the view that you don’t have to play good golf to love golf! Once a month, they bring out the funny in golf through a well thought out post. You won’t find the latest news or hacks on how to improve your game on this site, but you will find funny articles and gifs related to golf, and a week added to your life for the laughter.

14. Golf Blogger

Golf Blogger

Probably the oldest site, they have an answer to any golf related question and reviews ranging from the best shoe to golf with to the best golf course there ever was. Think of it as a mini mart for golf information. Articles are updated 21 times a week so you’ll find they have answers to your questions before you even think of asking them. They are like your fairy golf mother.

15. The Sand Trap Blog

The Sand Trap Blog

It was started by Eric Barzeski in 2004 with a few friends to provide a forum for people to share their opinions and views on golf. That said, people will always have opinions which means the well of articles will never run dry.

16. Bunkers Paradise

Bunkers Paradise

It is comprised of a couple of writers and not only brings you the latest from the world of golf, but also infuses fun into it. It’s the perfect combination of serious and funny with articles always being updated.

17. Golfers Authority

This well designed site it run by a father and son team, but also has a team of golf loving enthusiasts helping to write and put together it’s content. The articles are well written, thorough, and helpful. They cover a huge range of topics; everything from golf equipment reviews, buying guides, and of course playing tips.

18. Geoff Shackelford

Geoff Shackelford

I had to throw this one in because Geoff Shackelford is of major influence in golfing and contributes to golf digest and golf world magazine. I will not go into detail about his impressive achievements and portfolio, but I will say you will always find something new to learn in his site since he puts up about 21 posts per week.

18.Hitting the Golf Ball

Hitting the Golf Ball is a leading resource for people wanting to learn how to play golf, but are overwhelmed by the complexity of the game. The 150+ articles on their website sort through the best ways to improve your golf game and what equipment can help keep you at the top of your game.The blog owner takes the reader on a journey on how various gadgets, equipment, training aids, and accessories helped him become the golfer he is today. There is a newsletter you can sign up for, as well as a ton of other free resources, like ebooks, to download.

The Final Blog

The above sites will more than give you the information you are looking for, without redirecting you to useless sites. Not to blow my own horn, but I have basically provided you with a mall of blogs that contain everything and anything related to golf. Whatever your level of skill, you will find answers, tips, and videos that will not only help improve your game, but also equip you with information relevant to golf.

Ryan S
Author: Ryan S

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