Ladies will rarely hit the ball as far as guys. This is because they have slower swing speeds than guys

The essence of Golf is to get the golf ball into the hole in the least number of strokes possible. Now

​I remember when I started golfing - I was of the opinion that golf was one easy sport if not the easiest.

Centre shafted putters have long been a bone of contention among both the pros and recreational players,

Unlike cast irons which are from molding molten metal, forged irons are from a single piece of metal

Most of us cannot hit as well as pros using the normal PGA tour irons. It is quite difficult to hit straight

Being tall has a number of advantages and then there are a few disadvantages. When it comes to sport

Titleist had their work cut out for them improving on the exceptional quality of the extremely popular

Srixon has been killing it on the PGA for a while now and when you look at a driver like the Z 765, you

Since TaylorMade revolutionized driver design back in 1979 with their innovative 12-degree loft metalwood,

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