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Hello loyal Golfers and Fans!! is excited to announce that we are back and working hard on the site after taking some time off! We stepped away to work on other projects¬†We have made some simple and not so simple changes to the site. We have been rolling out new features over the last couple of weeks and are excited to have a few more come out soon. We have changed the way sign up works. You now get a 3 day free trial when you sign up. This means you can access and download all the coupons you would like for 3 whole days! We hope that you save enough money on golf in those 3 days that you will want to keep saving for the next 365 days! We have fixed the Search function, the map features, added a links page, a featured courses page and cleaned up some of the bugs the site was facing. You can look forward to a number of other upcoming changes including more blog posts, a proshop with some cool and unique golf products that we will review, recommended coupons based on your location. We are fixing our mobile site, adding in features so that you can earn your Premium Membership for discounts on tee times for FREE. We will also be doing some give-aways' for people that have registered with the site (golf balls, clubs, free rounds, and so much more!). SIGN UP TODAY TO START TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE AWESOME FEATURES!!!   Thanks again for following us, look forward to seeing more blog posts explaining the new features!   Ryan P.s. Please hit us with some comments on what you want to see. This could include courses you want to get special offers from, products you want reviewed, etc. Or just say hi! smile
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