Hunters Green Golf Course Review

I got the chance to check out Hunters Green again earlier this year, and here is my review of some of the things about the course.

First off the course can be tough to get to. You used to be able to access the golf course from both 127st and from 97st, but the city has since changed the overpass on 97st so you must go in the other way. This is a bit of a shame for the course, as they probably lose a lot of traffic due to this.

The course has grown since I last played it. It has matured and is in a lot better shape now.

The fairways were very green and the greens were in good shape.

The front nine holes of the course only have 1 water hazard which comes into play on 2 holes. The back nine holes is different, with a lot more water, and more bush that like to try to steal balls. This being said, the course is pretty forgiving, and you have a good chance of finding your run away ball throughout it.

There are a couple of holes I really liked. One of which is a basically blind tee off shot. You hit from behind some trees and water and then walk around after to see how your shot was. This worked out great for our group of golfers, as we only had to focus on clearing the trees and not worry about the rest of the shot. The other hole I really liked (and kind of hated) was the last hole. Hole 18 is a long hole that bends along side of the lake/swamp. Yes, I did test out the water with a ball to make sure it was wet…. but otherwise it is a fun hole to play as you head back to the clubhouse. There is a long walk to this 18th hole where you cross over a long bridge to get to the tee off boxes.

The one thing I didn’t like, which I find on a lot of Alberta golf courses that have water around it, is that there was a lot lot of goose poop around in certain spots. It seems there are pretty good at cleaning most of it up, but there are a few spots that were bad.

All in all it is a fun course, and would be a great spot to take someone learning to play the game. Not a lot of elevation to worry about, and fairly forgiving. Plus, they have a fun driving range where you hit the ball into the water!!

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